United Kiko Registry

The United Kiko Registry is  privately owned and was formed in 2017 to offer Kiko Breeders of all classifications an option of registration services geared toward a low-profile non-political atmosphere with an emphasis on helping breeders with more affordable services, breed standards and show opportunities in which to advance the promotion of the Kiko breed.
The UKR has contracted with AGSR to provide registration services. 

The UKR reserves the right to refuse registration without cause.

Annual Dues:

Annual Dues are $25.00 a year (*annually) and are due on January 1st and extend through December 31st.
Dues allow the registry to offer lower registration fees while still maintaining the over-all cost of doing business.
UKR is privately owned therefore there are no membership fees and no members associated with the registry.

Registration Applications & Fees:

Registration Applications are available for Single Registration or the more affordable Sire Flock Application.

SINGLE Registration:  to be used for the registration of a Single (*individual) animal.
$12.00 per animal

SIRE HERD Registration:   to be used to register multiple offspring from the same sire.
$10.00 per animal listed

Bucks submitted with DNA profile:   *Guaranteed offer through 2019
United Kiko Registry offers free initial registration to every Buck submitted for Registration with a DNA profile issued from UC Davis.

Does  submitted with DNA profile:  *Guaranteed through 2019 

United Kiko Registry offers 1/2 price initial registration to every Doe submitted for registration with a DNA profile issued from UC Davis.

Fees are subject to change at any time without notice.

Transfers & Fees:

Transfer are completed on the reverse side of the Registration Certificate.  
The Original Registration Certificate must be submitted to the UKR with proper fees to transfer the animal to the new owner.
The Transfer must be completed and signed by both Buyer and Seller.
Transfers are $10.00 for each recorded transfer.

Transfers may be submitted by either seller or buyer.
We recommend however that the buyer get the Registration Papers at time of purchase or at the time of taking possession of animal as NKR provides registration services only and does not address Buyer, Seller or Goat Disputes.  

DNA Applications:

DNA Applications are available for the breeder/owner of an animal to submit a DNA profile on an individual animal.
Please Note:  DNA is not required on any animal at this time but we do highly recommend DNA profiles on ALL breeding stock for total transparency/accuracy of a bloodline.

**Males and Females may be registered without a DNA profile but offspring will not be Dam, Sire or Parent Verified until which time a DNA profile is submitted within each category classification.

***DNA profiles can be obtained  through UC Davis.
**The DNA profile is submitted to UKR for inclusion in the database for parent verification purposes only.  
~UKR does not own the DNA profiles.
DNA profiles are submitted to the registry and by doing so forever give AGSR and/or UKR the right to include them in the database to verify Lineage.  

United Kiko Registry offers free initial registration to every Buck submitted for Registration with a DNA profile obtained through UC Davis.

100% New Zealand, Purebred & Percentage

*100% New Zealand - lineage traces back on both sides to Imported Kikos

*Purebred - 15/16 or 93.75% Kiko Genetics
*Percentage - Any percentage Kiko in which UKR can verify for male and female.
i.e.  1 parent undocumented - 1 parent NZ = 50%
50% Kiko x 50% Kiko = 50% Kiko

UKR is the only known Kiko Registry which allows you to keep your best Kikos regardless of percentage or Gender in your breeding programs as registered Kikos.

Registration Paper Designations:

  • CH - Champion
  • GCH - Grand Champion
  • HR - Honor Roll
  • P - Polled
  • H - Horned
  • D - Disbudded
  • CL - Has been Vaccinated for CL (*Caseous Lymphadenitis)
  • RR - Has 2 Resistant Scrapie Genes as shown by Genetic Results
  • QR - has 1 Resistant Scrapie Gene and 1 Susceptible Gene by Genetic Results
  • QQ - has 2 Susceptible Scrapie Genes as shown by Genetic Results
  • SV - Sire Verified
  • DV - Dam Verified
  • PV - Both Sire and Dam Verified



UKR & AGSR host 1 Show Annually in Texarkana, Arkansas/Texas.

Sponsored Shows:

UKR & AGSR will sponsor 'Awards' to a limited number of submitted and approved 

Hosted Shows throughout the United States.

UKR & AGSR Auctions:

UKR & AGSR host 1 all-breed Auction annually.

Site of sale may change annually.

UKR & AGSR  Sponsored Auctions:

AGSR will Sponsor a limited number of submitted and approved hosted 

sells throughout the United States.