Litter Registration Application

This Form is to be used to Register a Litter with ACR in which both parents are already registered with ACR or in which parents are  being registered at the same time as submission of Litter Registration.
This is a 2-sided form and both sides must be fully filled out and signed.

ACR Litter Registration Application (*front)

ACR Litter Registartion Application (*back)

Dual Registration Application

This Form is to be used to dual register an animal with the American Canine Registry from another approved registry with the proper documentation.
We do not accept Dual Registration from:
CKC - Continential Kennel Club
CPR - Certified Pedigree Registry
(*These may be eligible for APR registration.)

We reserve the right to refuse any request.

Dual Registration - Click Here

Disposition Record Form

This Form is to be used to document the name, address and phone number of where a given puppy went.
This information is to be maintained in the breeders records for 10 years.

Disposition Form - Click Here

Cost of Registration:

ACR reserves the right to refuse a submitted request for registration on any that do not meet their policies or is not in the best interest of the registry to do so at their sole discretion.

Cost of Registration: 0-6 months

$25.--Registration, Litter Registration and Dual Registration is $25.00 each

as of 01/01/07

Cost of Registration: 6 months - 1 yr

$40.00  Registration and Litter Registration of ACR animals from 6 months to 1 year.
Registration is $40.00 of 01/01/17

Does not include DUAL registration.

Cost of Registration: Over 1 year of age

$65.00  Registration and Litter Registration of ACR animals from the age of 1 year and of 01/01/17

Does not include Dual Registration

~~~Due to increased staff cost having to deal with disgruntled puppy buyers from the unacceptable amount of breeders promising papers to puppy buyers but not submitting paperwork for weeks, months or years, if ever, we have had to implement a Cost Increase Schedule based on age.
Prices are Subject to change without notice.
Current prices are in effect and all applications with lower prices will not be honored at those lower prices.


About Us:

The American Canine Registry  (*ACR) was formed in 2004 to give breeders and dog owners alike a choice in their registration needs.  
The ACR saw an opportunity during the years when there were many disgruntled with the current selection of dog registries to assist dog breeders and owners with a more affordable choice while at the same time giving them more information for their dollar.
ACR puts 3-4 generation pedigrees on all of their Registration Certificates at no extra charge.  (*Compare that to another registry charging $34.00 extra for that same Pedigree.)

Over the years the Registry evolved into a Contract Service for other animal organizations and became American Animal Registries and the Mother Registry to a multitude of other registries.

Our Convictions:

ACR has watched other registries have a highly destructive revolving door on their breed standards therefore ACR's policy is to only change breed standards based on health concerns or genetic knowledge.
Unlike other registries ACR will never remove a color and/or pattern based on the dislike of a group of breeders.

Members - Ownership Status:

ACR is a privately-owned for-profit registry with no members therefore we do not have to contend with continual member conflicts and/or Association/Club conflicts.