Who We Are:

American Animal Registries (*AAR) is an ALL-Breed Registry for animals.

What We Do:

The AAR currently registers 7 Species of Animals and a large variety of breeds within those specie categories.  
The AAR is the Mother Registry to American Canine Registry, American Pedigree Registry, American Goat & Sheep Registry and Mini Donk USA.
The AAR is a contract registry for a variety of Associations and Clubs where-as the AAR is contracted to maintain a database and issue papers on behalf of the Assoc/Club.

AAR believes in Animal Ownership Responsibility but realises that isn't always the case therefore AAR also formed and Financially Supports "Time Counts Rescue".

AAR also has it's own Micro-chip program and database - "Onboard" .


Monday - Thursday

9:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.

Closed All Major Holidays

Our Diversity:

Our Diversity of being both a self-maintained and contracted registry gives us the diversity to register any and all species and breeds.
We offer those registering an animal for the first time as a hardship registered animal to those with a lengthy pedigreed animal to those developing a new breed.

Contact Us:


Due to a variety of past issues we no longer offer phone contact numbers.
Please contact us through email or contact one of the Representatives of the Assoc/Club listed on that specific Assoc/Club page.


We have allowed those Assoc/Clubs, which wished to do so, to be part of our website by adding their own Information, Standards, Contact #s ... etc.
We do not take responsibility for nor can we be held accountable for the content on those pages or the misinformation which you may obtain from Members, Officers, Etc which do not conform to AAR's policies.  
Some Assoc/Clubs have chosen to not be disclosed as having contracted our services and we will honor their decisions.

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